Hummingbird Re-Imagined

Hummingbird Huddle is going through a lot of changes!!  Some of these changes include:

– Temporarily putting a hold on sandwiches and shifting the focus on coffee at the City Heights Farmer’s Market

– A hiatus on Films For Flight as we work on developing a new strategy for community outreach and engagement

– Offering catering services at affordable prices for non-profits and community organizations

Please be patient with us as we catch up our site to reflect all these exciting developments!

North Park Farmers Market

Finally what you’ve all been waiting for!! Hummingbird Huddle is now selling vegan tummy treats at the North Park Farmers Market. We’re so excited to be selling our brand of plant based, local, and organic sandwiches at this lovely market. Feel free to stop and grab a sammie any and every Thursday from 3-7pm. We’ll of course be selling Donut Panic vegan donuts to help wash those Banh mi’s down. Thank you everyone for the support and interest. We’ll have plenty more updates soon as things are moving rather rapidly. 

With My Own Two Wheels: Banh Mis, Bike Blenders, & Waffles

July Films for Flight was held at Wow Wow Waffle in North Park, San Diego.  Their beautiful patio is the perfect space for an outdoor movie night.

The evening started off with banh mis and vegan cupcakes, catered by Hummingbird Huddle.  All profits went directly to Bikes del Pueblo‘s indiegogo campaign.

BDP brought their bicycle blender, too!  Everyone got a chance to use their pedal power to blend up a refreshing fresh fruit smoothie.

The movie kicked off with a special preview – a screening of BDP’s indigogo video, shot by Evan Apodaca.  The group introduced their mission and explained how it was connected to the feature film: With My Own Two Wheels.

With My Own Two Wheels is a short documentary that follows the stories of five people who’s lives were changed by a simple bicycle.  From the Guatemalan farmer who invented the Bicimáquina to the disabled Ghanian woman who found empowerment through developing her skill as a bike mechanic, every story is feel-good inspirational.  The movie eloquently captured how a single bicycle could be adaptable to any person’s needs across cultures and circumstances.

After the film, Leah (a member of Bikes del Pueblo and Synchronized Cycles) lead a round of Q&A discussion in which we examined how to presence of cycling has impacted ourselves and our own communities. One sentiment that was repeatedly expressed is how cycling strengthens our connection with our commununities… kind of like Hummingbird Huddle 😉

Photos from the night are below:

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wmotw flier

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with our friends at Bikes Del Pueblo who are currently raising money to open a permanent space.  Check out their super adorable video on indiegogo.

ALSO BREAKING NEWS: We are planning to partner up and share space together. Community Cafe + Community Bike Kitchen. Are you super excited yet or what? Because WE ARE. We are helping BDP out with throwing a series of events promoting their fundraising campaign.

Their kick-off throwdown was on July 11 but don’t worry – it’s not too late to join in on the fun times! Our next FILMS FOR FLIGHT will be a very special movie night facilitated by members of Bikes Del Pueblo.  You can find us on Monday July 28 at Wow Wow Waffle!

In addition, we are running a promotion until September 9 (the last day of the indiegogo campaign). Come by our stand at City Heights and tell us “I LIKE BIKES”. We will take 10% off your purchase and donate an addition to BDP! Make sure to join us for the alleycat we are helping organize, too. This bike race/scavenger hunt is all-inclusive and open to all ages. We will be serving sandwiches at the afterparty, too. More details coming soon!

Hummingbird Huddle now at City Heights Farmer’s Market!


Hot dang, a whole lot has been going on since our last post!

After a lot of hard work and bureaucratic paperwork, Hummingbird Huddle has opened its first farmer’s market stand at the City Heights Farmer’s Market! Nick and I are there every Saturday from 9AM-1PM cooking up some delicious vegan sandwiches: Banh Mis, B.L.T.s and Breakfast Yumwich!

Thank you so much to Linda Dami of Donut Panic for her help and collaboration.  We couldn’t have done it without her. You can find her delicious vegan donuts at our stand, too!

April Film For Flight: A Sea Change

Wow, we are super late on the update this month!!!  April’s Film For Flight was A Sea Change, a documentary about a grandfather’s quest to investigate ocean acidification and the effects it might have on his grandson’s generation.



Our facilitator was Nick Tuttle, a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  He prepared a great presentation on the science of ocean acidification- it’s current impact on ocean life and what the future forecast is.  He also facilitated a Q&A that resulted in some great discussion on what this means for us, what problems we forsee occuring from the effects of climate change, as well as brainstorming and debating plausible solutions.  

2014-04-14 22.35.562014-04-14 22.54.47


Join us on Monday, March 3 for our next feature film: Blockadia Rising!


WHERE: Animal Farm collective house. Please e-mail us at for the address.

WHEN: The movie will start at 7:00PM but feel free to come earlier.

***The movie will be shown outdoors – please bring your own lawn chair or blankets so that we can be sure to have enough to go around!

***All Ages Welcome!

***This is a vegan house – we appreciate it if you bring food to share but please, no meat

***We will have a table set up for flyers promoting any upcoming events or actions related to social justice, environmental justice, community organizing etc. We want to encourage you all to use this space to network and support one another’s projects!!! Solidarity

MOVIE: Our film will be Blockadia Rising, a documentary about the direct ation group Tar Sands Blockade which is currently fighting the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

(Don’t know what the Keystone XL Pipeline is? Check out this Wiki article:

“The film details the story of how landowners and environmental activists tried to challenge Keystone’s builders in court, but to no avail. In response, they take to the ground with a wide array of direct action techniques, in an attempt to physically thwart attempts at clearing land. The film shows them sitting in trees, locking themselves to equipment, and standing in front of bulldozers. Many have been arrested for their efforts.”

The State Department recently released a report that concludes that the Keystone XL Pipeline will not have an adverse effect on the environment, which will likely result in the Obama administration’s approval of the project. This is a critical time to come together and discuss what this means for us as environmentalists, activists, and as living beings living on planet earth.

Mission Statement

We are a collective of activists in the San Diego region who are coming together in order to create a space where we can collaborate and support one another.  Our goal is to strengthen our relationships and build better networks between radical grassroots projects.  We celebrate one another’s work, share and learn from each other in order to better strategize for our future aims.  Seperately, we are small, but when we come together we can give one another the tools to grow communities of mutual support and autonomy, linked together by a common vision in solidarity.

We envision a better world unfettered by capitalism, imperialism, and environmental destruction.  We oppose all forms of oppression including, but not limited to, sexism, racism, xenophobia, and ablism.