Join us on Monday, March 3 for our next feature film: Blockadia Rising!


WHERE: Animal Farm collective house. Please e-mail us at for the address.

WHEN: The movie will start at 7:00PM but feel free to come earlier.

***The movie will be shown outdoors – please bring your own lawn chair or blankets so that we can be sure to have enough to go around!

***All Ages Welcome!

***This is a vegan house – we appreciate it if you bring food to share but please, no meat

***We will have a table set up for flyers promoting any upcoming events or actions related to social justice, environmental justice, community organizing etc. We want to encourage you all to use this space to network and support one another’s projects!!! Solidarity

MOVIE: Our film will be Blockadia Rising, a documentary about the direct ation group Tar Sands Blockade which is currently fighting the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

(Don’t know what the Keystone XL Pipeline is? Check out this Wiki article:

“The film details the story of how landowners and environmental activists tried to challenge Keystone’s builders in court, but to no avail. In response, they take to the ground with a wide array of direct action techniques, in an attempt to physically thwart attempts at clearing land. The film shows them sitting in trees, locking themselves to equipment, and standing in front of bulldozers. Many have been arrested for their efforts.”

The State Department recently released a report that concludes that the Keystone XL Pipeline will not have an adverse effect on the environment, which will likely result in the Obama administration’s approval of the project. This is a critical time to come together and discuss what this means for us as environmentalists, activists, and as living beings living on planet earth.


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