With My Own Two Wheels: Banh Mis, Bike Blenders, & Waffles

July Films for Flight was held at Wow Wow Waffle in North Park, San Diego.  Their beautiful patio is the perfect space for an outdoor movie night.

The evening started off with banh mis and vegan cupcakes, catered by Hummingbird Huddle.  All profits went directly to Bikes del Pueblo‘s indiegogo campaign.

BDP brought their bicycle blender, too!  Everyone got a chance to use their pedal power to blend up a refreshing fresh fruit smoothie.

The movie kicked off with a special preview – a screening of BDP’s indigogo video, shot by Evan Apodaca.  The group introduced their mission and explained how it was connected to the feature film: With My Own Two Wheels.

With My Own Two Wheels is a short documentary that follows the stories of five people who’s lives were changed by a simple bicycle.  From the Guatemalan farmer who invented the Bicimáquina to the disabled Ghanian woman who found empowerment through developing her skill as a bike mechanic, every story is feel-good inspirational.  The movie eloquently captured how a single bicycle could be adaptable to any person’s needs across cultures and circumstances.

After the film, Leah (a member of Bikes del Pueblo and Synchronized Cycles) lead a round of Q&A discussion in which we examined how to presence of cycling has impacted ourselves and our own communities. One sentiment that was repeatedly expressed is how cycling strengthens our connection with our commununities… kind of like Hummingbird Huddle 😉

Photos from the night are below:

IMG_1381 IMG_1374 IMG_1366 IMG_1357 7.28.14 5 7.28.14 3 7.28.14 4 7.28.14 2 7.28.14 1


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