Our Vision

Our mission is to support our community by establishing a cafe based on an ethical business model as well as providing a safe space for events and organizing work. Our cafe will be dedicated to serving high-quality, nutritious, local, and organic products at affordable prices. Through this space we hope to unite different groups sharing similar goals, and to facilitate public outreach and education.

The vision for Hummingbird Huddle Community Cafe includes:

Food Justice – Nutritious, local and organic food at affordable prices and accessible to underserved communities.

Community Building– An unpretentious, welcoming, and community-oriented safe space that promotes diversity and relationship building

Affordable Event Space – Available to local groups to host events ranging from benefit shows to dance nights to documentary screenings

Communal Workspace – The space will include an office/conference room available to groups based on a sliding scale membership fee

Education and Outreach  – Student internships providing opportunities for young people to gain work experience in an ethical, cooperative business, as well as regular teach-ins and workshops

Supporting Local Business – Craft beers sold as build-your-own six packs, high quality fair-trade coffee, wall space dedicated to local artists’ work



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