Movie Night Mission

Films For Flight is a monthly movie series that promotes dialogue, education and community building.  Every month we host a film screening followed by a facilitated discussion.  The movie themes center around a theme of social justice and each one is chosen and facilitated by a volunteer from the outside community.

If you would like to volunteer to be a facilitator, shoot us an e-mail.


What’s the grand purpose for Films For Flight?  Some people might ask: What’s the point of movie nights? They won’t change the world!

But we hummingbirds dare to disagree! Films for Flight is just one small piece in the struggle, but it’s an important one.

  • Movie nights are accessible. Movie nights give anybody a chance to learn about new things they may have never thought about before. No matter how much experience you have in a particular subject, you’ll be sure to learn something new through watching a film and sharing thoughts and feelings with other people afterwards.


  • Movie nights are fun! We create a space that is educational but still something to look forward to as a time to relax with friends.


  • Movie nights build community. Through Films For Flight, grow spaces where we can network and and form relationships. We  encourage all participants to use this space to promote and inform others of projects that we are already working on.


  • Movie nights educate and inspire! You know that uplifted feeling of motivation and the need to “do something” after seeing a really good documentary? Think how much more powerful that could be if you could share that feeling with a whole group of people, and then come up with a plan together for actually doing it!

Films for Flight: One important part of our Fight for Flight!


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