Our Story

Hummingbird Huddle started off as a conversation between two activists who were frustrated about the lack of unity among San Diego activists, and the lack of unifying public space in the city as a whole.  They drafted a plan to start a collectively run community center that would serve as a hub for community building, networking and outreach.

Inspired by the story of the hummingbird as told by the activist Wangari Maathai , they chose the name Hummingbird Huddle.  Separately we may feel as small as hummingbirds, but if we come together we can make and enact big, big plans!

Hummingbird Huddle began putting together a monthly social justice movie night series called Films For Flight.  Members of the community were invited to present a film and then facilitate a conversation around the subject.

Hummingbird’s vision evolved to include a cafe that would serve as a front for the community center, creating an intentional meeting space and generating the revenue to maintain the community center. A partnership was struck up with Donut Panic, and a sandwich stand was established at the City Height’s Farmer’s Market to offer an affordable, healthy meal option with ingredients almost entirely sourced from local organic farmers.

The sandwich stand has now been converted to a coffee stand in order to reduce prep and refocus energy onto developing community outreach.  However, the vegan sandwiches live on as a catering option – we have served groups such as Bikes del Pueblo and the CA Center For Cooperative Development.

Our current goal is to grow our partnerships with local community groups, and develop more outreach and education around the intersectional issues of social, environmental and food justice.

Eventually, we plan to channel our collective energies to opening a physical space, bridging north park and city heights, where we can realize our long term vision as Hummingbird Huddle Community Cafe.

“I may feel insignificant… but I will be the hummingbird.  I will do the best I can.”


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